• Live tracking

    Check the location of your registered phones whenever you choose. Add up to 5 phones to your account.

  • Any cell phone

    Swift Locate works on all mobile handsets. Some numbers such as landlines, VOIP and Skype cannot be located or tracked.

  • Simple to use

    Our easy-to-use interface lets you view the current location of a phone on Google Maps.

  • No hassle

    Our "No Hassle" guarantee means there is no minimum term, no contracts, and you can close your account whenever you choose. Plus, test the service for only 50p!

  • Family tracking

    Keep track of your family. Know that your children or elderly relatives are safe*. (*To locate a phone you must have consent from the owner of the handset. Phone numbers are verified by SMS.)

  • Online anytime

    Use Swift Locate from any web enabled device. Laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets! Just sign in to your account and locate.


Location services online anytime

No complicated apps to install and set up

Swift Locate can work on any UK-registered mobile phone. It doesn't need to be a modern smartphone, and there are no apps to install. Instead, Swift Locate uses the existing phone networks and cell towers to triangulate and locate mobile phones. Unfortunately, Swift Locate doesn't work on the Three network, due to the technical restrictions of their network.

Was your phone stolen or simply left at work?

If you can't find your phone, you start to panic and try to think where you last had it. Do you call your network provider and get them to cancel the sim card immediately, or do you head back to your home or office to see if you forgot to pick the phone up before you left? With Swift Locate, you can simply log into your account from any web browser, and grab the latest location of your phone instantly. If it is at home, then you can relax. If it seems to be heading down the motorway, then it might be time to call your provider!

See if your children got to school ok

Add your children's phones to your account, and you will be able to keep an eye on them without needing to phone them all the time! See if they are at school, or hanging out at the shopping centre, with Swift Locate.

Check on elderly relatives without them needing a smartphone

Add an elderly relative's mobile phone number to your account to give yourself a bit of piece of mind that you are able to locate them if you feel they may be vulnerable or in need of help.

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  • Track up to 5 phones
  • Multiple ways to locate a phone
  • Protect your family
  • Private & confidential
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Terms: Access to the service is charged at 50p for 24 hours access, and then just £29.95 if you keep the service. The service can be cancelled by the user at any time from within their account. The user will get 50 location search credits, and additional credits can be purchased if the user chooses. View full terms.